I am initiated but when I try to heal nothing happens. Do I still have Reiki?

Well, we get this question a lot, the first encounter with usui were nothing but miracles even Takata who had a complete diseased body she managed to heal her completely only by Reiki without required surgery.
Now we no longer hear cases like these and the prominent question is Do I still have Reiki?

A lot of Reiki Masters say do not question reiki, or it will not work, or the channeling will be weak.

So, what is the use of Reiki if you can’t really put it to a real Test?

The Truth is the effectiveness of Reiki can really be tested, actually many masters don’t practice Reiki every day and their students when become masters follow it on so the problem is not with Reiki but will the person that is channeling it.

Here is a Test to see how attuned you are!

1, Take 2 small glass jars (the one that you can cover with both your palms)

2, Put uncooked rice and water into the jars and close them

3, The for 21 days heal one jar (daily for 18 to 21 mins) and ignore the other.

Observe the difference, you will know how much Reiki you can really channel.